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Welcome to BYlaw

Launched in October 2009, we provide an inclusive network and support environment for lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people who work, or are intending to work, in the South West and South Wales legal sector. Our primary focus is:

  • To help promote diversity in the legal workplace and a culture which treats everyone equally

  • To give a voice to, and develop connections between, LGB members of our region’s legal community

  • To offer a safe environment for LGB people who are not openly gay or bisexual at work to be themselves and to talk with others who may have advice and suggestions to share

  • To develop and enhance the progressive reputations of those firms and places of study whose employees / students are part of our group

  • To engage with clients and prospective clients of legal services for whom diversity is important 

How can I get involved?


Sign up as a member by registering your details.  You will then be added to our email circulation group and kept informed of what the group is doing, meetings and events.


To be a successful group, BYlaw needs the active support and involvement of all members of the legal community, as well of law firms, chambers, universities and other legal workplaces and places of study in the South West and South Wales.


We look forward to welcoming you as a member of BYlaw.

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