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  • To help LGB legal employees maximise their career development and to assist LGB law students to choose law firms, chambers and other legal workplaces based on positive reputations for diversity (especially LGB related).
  • In turn, this will assist law firms, chambers and other legal workplaces to maximise the enjoyment, and so productivity at work, of their LGB employee
  • To function as an LGB forum for those legal organisations who are not large enough to establish their own groups; also to act as a central point of contact for LGB groups which already exist in legal organisation
  • To offer a “safe community” for those who want to be open about who they are and the lives they lead outside of work but who do not feel that their current workplace /place of study allows them such freedom
  • To demonstrate inclusive values and support within the legal community
  • To offer information and advice about LGB issues
  • To improve the environment for LGB employees and students
  • To provide peer support for LGB people working and studying in the legal community
  • To provide opportunities to network with other LGB individuals and groups and so build both individual and the group’s profile
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